Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Warren Buffett's Dow Jones Industrials vs. Whole Life Insurance

Per Warren Buffett (Forbes Magazine today), "in the 20th century, the Dow Jones industrial index advanced from 66 to 11,497." With lots of unpredictability. Recoveries took up to 25 years. The overall gain is about 5.3% per year (taxable) (link). 

100% stock funds have averaged 4.25% for the last 20 years (Actual investor behavior, per 2013 Dalbar study). Blended funds and bond funds significantly less.

Whole life insurance ~5.6% for 50 years (tax-advantaged). NO LOSS years. None. If you don't make it? Completes savings goal in full, immediately. Also pays itself off in full if disabled before 59 1/2. Pays for long-term care--without using your cash, cash you can use for retirement first (or use early without tax penalty).

What else does this? Do the math. Ask questions. Learn. Then ask more questions. Think--if it makes sense, call. Avoid volatility…and suffering. Start. Ask.

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